CEDDIE / Center for Educational Development and Innovation in Education

Our purpose:

To contribute to the flourishing of Tecnológico de Monterrey faculty throughout their trajectory in the institution, through learning experiences and accompaniment that strengthen their teaching and educational innovation competencies, supporting them to be better people and to perform academic work focused on building a better community and a better planet.


Our teacher accompaniment model works along four strategic lines:

01 | TD

Teaching development

This line of action focuses on promoting teaching excellence by providing faculty the competencies and knowledge to  successfully implement the components of the institutional educational model.

Main services:

  • Faculty in service training
  • Updating disciplinary and multidisciplinary courses
  • Peer mentoring throughout their teaching career
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02 | EI

Educational Innovation

This line of action aims at promoting innovation, experimentation, and educational entrepreneurship, by providing faculty with training and resources that stimulate the continuous renewal of their teaching practice, adding value to their students´ learning processes.

Main services:

  • Diffusion of educational and technological trends
  • Bootcamps and educational innovation workshops
  • Peer mentoring for the documentation and publication of educational innovation best practices
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03 | ED

Development experiences

The focus of this line of action is the design and implementation of collaborative and multidisciplinary memorable experiences, that stimulate faculty to break paradigms in the design of innovative learning experiences for their students.

Main services:

  • Semana e
  • Certifications
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04 | BI


As a line of action, faculty wellbeing consists of spaces and experiences for reflection, as well as resources that contribute to improve the quality of life in the context of teaching at a higher education institution.

Four focused areas:

  • Emotional balance in the classroom
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Optimal use of time
  • Financial planning
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